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Charliegirl said:
Interesting idea about focusing your distribution. I might do that when I release my full novels. But books like "tricks of the trade" I decided to use just to bring more readers in. That's why I have it for free on smashwords and am hoping amazon would make the .99 cent version free as well.

I figure i'd plaster the book all over because for now it's not about sales ranking, it just about getting as much readers as possible.

I'm actually doing way better on smashwords then I am on Amazon. That's because it's free on smashwords and I have been advertising the free book since it makes it easier for me to get readers.

But when I release the full book (hopefully by July 4th) well...I don't know. Making it available in only 4 or 5 platforms might not be such a bad idea.
Did you upload to B & N yourself or did smashwords do it for you? I'm a little confused as to how all that works too.
I suggest reading what Dean Wesley Smith has to say about it before you decide you dn't want your novel to be available very many places which is what "focusing your distribution" means.

Your choice, but not one I'm going to make.
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