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In this mini-length collection of short stories and flash fiction, Millard leads you through another unsettling wander down strange verbal pathways and untrodden literary trails. Assisted suicide for aging snowmen, hearts replaced with bombs, and the humiliating death of Fruity O' Toots; and what of the lonely tornado who tried to befriend the anvil?

These, and other small mercies, can be experienced for the price of a 99 cent phial of ants, within Dirt Baby.
Twenty four stories inside, of either (roughly) 300 or 1,000 words. And you know what? Here's a freebie, just for the Kindleboards.

When Reg Cuff heard that Sandlewick's abandoned Tiny Town model village was up for auction, he sold his home and failing business and moved right in. As Tiny Town's resident giant, you could often hear him from the car park, stomping around the diminutive streets and growling at plastic figures living out frozen snapshots of their lives. At first, it probably seemed like fun; the little man that nobody noticed suddenly the lumbering master of his own kingdom. He filled his days terrorising the silent inhabitants, crushing train carriages beneath his feet and yelling "God can't save you now!" through the roof of a weather-beaten fiberglass church. By night he curled up on the astro turf of the cricket green, finding comfort in the metrical tinny mooing from the miniature farm he'd splintered with his fists. Eventually, something inside him snapped. There's a loss of perspective particular to giants - everyone seems so far away when you're half as tall as the sky. He emerged naked from the boating lake like Goya's Colossus, standing astride the smashed up buildings and tearfully howling for forgiveness.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said, peering inside the tiny houses for a friendly face, but nobody ever came to the window.
It's $0.99 on

And £0.71 on


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You can tell just how free it is by the number of e's I used in the title.

Dirt Baby and Other Small Mercies, "a strange little book of strange little stories," is filled with flash fiction and miniature shorts that make it the perfect read for the train or the toilet, or even normal places like in a bed or on a chair. It's free until the weekend's over, but you should download it immediately to make me feel like a big man.

A handy link is down there, in the sig VVV
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