The Writers' Cafe on KBoards is one of the busiest places around for discussions about ebooks, writing, and self-publishing. Today we're pleased to feature a selection of books from the pens of authors who participate in KBoards. Take a browse through the books below and discover some great reading material from our community of authors!

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Books from KBoards Authors
Burglary Blues (Lexie Sarcone/Michael Riley Romantic Suspense Book 1), by Elisa Archer
Lexie Sarcone is just your average girl. She's a twenty-six year old, petite brunette with a feisty streak who carries a pair of handcuffs around since they coordinate so nicely with her badge and gun. Some men find that a turn-on. But not Lexie's ex-boyfriend. After he left her, citing her job as the problem, Lexie swore off dating. And working as a decoy for vice only solidified her resolve, but now that Officer Sarcone has transferred to burglary division, all bets are off.

Detective Michael Riley has a reputation for being a ladies' man. His chiseled features, gorgeous eyes, and sexy body have allowed him to get away with a lot of things. But underneath the good looks lies a competent investigator. The job is one of the few...
The Devil's Beating His Wife, by Siobhán Béabhar
If I could kill Baxter Bennett, I would. But he's already dead.

Ever since we were kids and my mama washed his family's dirty clothes, cooked their every meal, and consoled his finicky mother, I have hated how much power his white family held over mine. As a newly commissioned Army officer, he stood by and watched his brother and friends tie a noose around my brother's neck, string him up, and hang him until his legs stopped swaying.

He pledged to protect, honor, and cherish me; instead, when he returned from the War, he ended up stalking, terrorizing, and killing me when I did not return his affections. The decorated hero then turned the gun on himself and ended his life while he cradled my dead body. Through hi...
Taiwan Tales - One Country, Eight Stories: a Multicultural Perspective, by Katrina A. Brown

More than merely stepping through the streets and trails of a land, the narrated word allows one to learn about ideas, sense passions and glimpse dreams of a place and its people. Here are eight short stories about Taiwan: an island, a manufacturing powerhouse, a nation of Buddhism and Capitalism, a land straddling a geographical ring of fire as well as a political one, a country colored by both ancient traditions and high-tech modernity. Written by authors who have called Taiwan home, each tale offers an absorbing perspective on this unique country....
#Berlin45: The Final Days of Hitler's Third Reich (Hashtag Histories), by Philip Gibson
What if there had been social media during World War II?

This is not a book in the usual book format. It is the compelling story of the final 20 days of Hitler's Third Reich told in the form of today's social media with daily posts by Hitler, Churchill, Truman, Zhukov, Eisenhower, Goebbels, Bormann, Patton, Eva Braun and many others.

The story begins with the announcement of, and reactions to, the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and follows the thoughts and actions of the main participants through the capture of Vienna, the Battle of Seelow Heights, the liberation of the concentration camps, the Battle of Berlin, the death of Hitler and the eventual surrender of Reich forces....
Wedding Day Blues "Sistas": A Southern Family Comedy, by Mae Daniels
Jennifer Dickens's older sister is getting married, and her little sister is not her sister at all.

Welcome to the wedding event of the year. The oldest Dickens sister is getting married, and no one knows that the bride, Joelle, thinks that hightailing it to Mexico might be preferable to marrying her long time beau.

Middle sister Jennifer has her own problems. After living with a lie for ten years, Jennifer is forced to reveal the truth when a stranger crashes Joelle's wedding. Jennifer fears the lie will ruin her relationship with her little sister, Jacie.

Jacie Dickens has no worries. She struts around in her beautiful dress never knowing that the world as she knows it is about to ...
Nolander (Emanations, an urban fantasy series Book 1), by Becca Mills
Beth Ryder knows she's different. In a tiny rural town, being an orphaned and perpetually single amateur photographer crippled by panic disorder is pretty much guaranteed to make you stick out like a sore thumb.

But Beth doesn't understand just how different she really is.

One day, strange things start cropping up in her photos. Things that don't look human. Impossible things. Monstrosities. Beth thinks her hateful sister-in-law, Justine, has tampered with her pictures to play a cruel joke, but rather than admitting or denying it, Justine up and vanishes, leaving the family in disarray.

Beth's search for Justine plunges her into a world she never knew existed, one filled with ancient and terrifying ...
Bound In Blue: Book One Of The Sword Of Elements, by Heather Hamilton-Senter
Gods walk among us. All you have to do is See.

When Rhi discovers that beings out of myth and legend are real, her mysterious ability to see magic as color puts her at the center of a conflict between humans and the ancient gods of Avalon. To save herself, Rhi will have to master her strange power and remake Excalibur - the Sword of Elements-but if she succeeds, it will mean that she's far more dangerous than any god.

And gods don't like being challenged.
Rita Johansen's Ablaze Life: The Radiant Cookbook, 25 Tasty Grain-Free, Dairy-Free and Paleo Recipes for Radiance, by Rita Johansen
In what should have been her prime, Rita Johansen was pummeled by unexplained attacks that mystified over a dozen conventional-medicine specialists. When her tenacious pursuit for answers revealed the root cause - reactive hypoglycemia - Rita revamped her lifestyle, starting with what she put on her plate. Food served as the foundation for her return to radiance.

In Rita's debut cookbook, you'll find quick-and-easy, grain-free, dairy-free and Paleo, nutrient-dense dishes to incorporate into your everyday routine:

Almond Biscuit Poppers
Almond-Cinnamon No-Oatmeal
Almond-Coconut Chicken Drumsticks
Almond-Coconut Pancakes
Chocolate Cashew-Butter Fudge
Cilantro-Lime Shrimp
Cinnamon ...