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An Invitation to Hitler (Ethelred Book 1), by Bernard Neeson

"Really enjoyed this counter factual historical read. I felt the author captures the spirit and mood of the times in what is a great story with a twist. I found I read the story in almost one session and left wanting more at the end - always a good sign." -- Amazon Reviewer
June 1940: Britain stands alone, its army defeated by the Nazis in France, the survivors only just rescued from the beaches at Dunkirk. In London, Churchill rallies the country to fight on. But even as the battle rages in the skies over England between the RAF and the Luftwaffe, he is not just focused on holding on. He conceives a daring plan to trap Hitler.
The RAF is weakening; there are signs of a split in the Royal Navy. A peace movement takes to the streets.Then someone sends An Invitation to Hitler.

'Explodes with promise' Publishers Weekly*
'Beautifully written, almost lyrical prose' Amazon Vine Reviewer
'A thrilling read' Historical Novel Society

* Publishers' Weekly is an independent organization. The review was based on a manuscript version of the book and not a published version.

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Meet the Author

I guess it was my father who first stirred my interest in World War 2. During the war he was a reserve officer in the Army, but as a schoolteacher he was not called to the front line. His role instead was to be ready to man the defence lines if the invaders ever reached the little country town where we lived.
Walking the byways around that town, years after the war ended, he could point out the tank traps and pillboxes still skulking there, festooned in weeds, waiting for the invader who never came. Even in a rural corner of Northern Ireland, hundreds of miles from the likely invasion sites in England, they had prepared.
My interest stayed passive during a long career in the technology industry, but with retirement came the opportunity to do more research. In Churchill's History of the Second World War, I discovered the sentence that took my story from pure speculative fiction, to the maybe, just maybe, category.
As a genre, Alternative History can run the gamut from wild fantasy about goblins and death-ray machines to tight stories based on small quantum shifts in timing, facts, or outcomes; the assassin's bullet that missed; the flap of the butterfly's wings.
My stories belong in the latter category. If you enjoy them, please let me know via a review on Amazon, or contact me via my website: www.bernardneeson.com​