Here's a series that will put a smile on your face. Tiffany Nicole Smith's "Fairylicious" series is a set of empowering books that carry a deft and entertaining message of acceptance, kindness, and self-worth for children. The first book in the series, and all subsequent books, are just 99 cents today.

Fairylicious (Fairylicious #1), by Tiffany Nicole Smith

"A book for all ages! The book is an enjoyable read and kept me interested all the way through. The story is engaging with its imagery, humor, plot twists and characters well written and well developed. The fact that the fairies cause a lot of trouble instead of solving them, it's a very entertaining idea and is very interesting how the adult world is seen by the teen-agers. The situations are funny at times, and emotionally touching in others. I liked Bex a lot, she is witty, funny, and most of all, imperfect. Even with the magic of the fairies, she is encumbered by real-life teen-ager problems. Things such as petty fights with her close friends, immaturity and the anxiety to be accepted. Also the rest of characters felt so real. The kind of book I would have loved as a kid and do as a big kid!" -- Amazon reviewer
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Bex Carter is a fairy addict. Aunt Jeanie thinks that a sixth grader believing in fairies is ridiculous. That doesn't stop Bex from wishing for fairies on her twelfth birthday.

Fortunately, Bex's wish is granted. Unfortunately, these fairies are not what Bex had in mind. Much like Bex, they have a knack for causing trouble. Poor Bex has enough problems as it is. She and her best friends definitely don't need fairies causing more mayhem. Will Bex's social life be completely ruined or will she and her friends survive these fractured fairies? Ages 9 and up. This is the first book of the Fairylicious series.

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Meet the Author
Tiffany Nicole Smith is the author of The Fairylicious Series, The Silver Scythe Chronicles, and The Thing About Scorpions. She enjoys teaching and writing middle grade and young adult fiction. She resides in Florida where she is currently working on several upcoming releases.