Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover R. H. D'aigle's fantastic Firemancer Collection (Fated Saga Box Set Book 1) series!

Firemancer Collection (Fated Saga Box Set Book 1), by R. H. D'aigle

"What a terrific story of magic and the good and bad of humanity. The author has a terrific way with words, and the story is well planned out so that at the end of each story the reader wants the next book. I found myself very caught up in the characters, their struggles, and their interactions with each other. There is plenty of love, hate, excitment, tender moments and all very cleanly done. I am not into foul language and smut. This saga has been a breath of fresh air and so much fun. This author in no way lets me down. I have been recommending this story to both teenagers and adults like myself. If you enjoy reading about magic and fantasy, you will enjoy this story." -- Amazon Reviewer
The Firemancer Collection Includes Fated Saga Books 1-3 Includes: Awaken, Shifting, and Embrace. The 2015 Extended and Lengthened Editions. A Bewitching Tale of Family, Destiny, and Magic- Suspenseful. Wondrous. Dangerously Addictive...

Mind reading twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, help a young man whose family is forced to flee through a magical portal to another world, without him.

Fated Book List:
Book 1, Awaken
Book 2, Shifting
Book 3, Embrace
Book 4, Broken
Book 5, Divided
Book 6, Taken
Book 7, Control
Book 8, Forsaken
Book 9, Sacrifice (winter 2016)
Book 10, TBA

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Meet the Author

Rachel Humphrey - D'aigle is the author the Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Series and The Demon Isle Witches Teen Paranormal Romance Series. Pseudonym's include, Starla Silver (Wicked Good Witches... same story as Demon Isle Witches but for adult readers over 18).

Please Read all Series Books in Order.

Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Book List...
Book 1: Awaken
Book 2: Shifting
Book 3: Embrace
Book 4: Broken
Book 5: Divided
Book 6: Taken
Book 7: Control
Book 8: Forsaken
Book 9: Sacrifice (release date TBA)
Book 10: TBADemon Isle Witches Books...
This is a choose your own rating series!

Demon Isle Witches Teen Paranormal Romance is Rated similar to TV14, for mild language, some violence, and implied adult situations. Teen Friendly.

The second version, A Wicked Good Witches Paranormal Romance, uses pen name Starla Silver, is the same story but includes stronger language and adult situations not appropriate for readers under 18.

(Teen Version) Witches of The Demon Isle Book List...
Book 1: Isle of Bones
Book 2: Isle of Wolves
Book 3: Isle of Echoes
Book 4: Isle of Souls
Book 5: Isle of Tricks
Book 6: Isle of Flames
Book 7: Isle of Ashes
Book 8: Isle of Shadows
Book 9: Isle of Truth (Winter 2016)
Book 10: TBA

(Adult Version) Wicked Good Witches Book List... You can also visit the Amazon Page for Starla Silver: http://www.amazon.com/Starla-Silver/e/B00PREX74U

Book 1: Demon Street Blues
Book 2: Alpha Knows Best
Book 3: Bye Bye Bloodsucker
Book 4: Ghast Me Gently
Book 5: A Nightmare to Remember
Book 6: A Stake With a View
Book 7: Bite Me, Baby!
Book 8: Vampire, Interrupted
Book 9: Hexed and Dangerous
Book 10: TBA