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The Fisherman's Son, by Marilyn Peake

"Great little story! I finished it in one sitting. I was so pleasantly surprised at the storyline. It was very mythical and all the while, I couldn't help thinking it was making reference to the lost continent of Atlantis, which has always fascinated me. If you like to escape reality and enjoy reading, this little story is a great read." -- Amazon reviewer

THE FISHERMAN'S SON is a middle grade fantasy novel about the adventures of Wiley O'Mara. On the back of a magical dolphin, the twelve-year-old rescues six boys trapped in an ancient city under the sea. Along the way, he fights both The Beast in the Forest and a Fire Beast guarding the city of old.


PIERS ANTHONY, author of the Xanth series, the Incarnations of Immortality series, the Adept series, and so much more!
Now I have read The Fisherman's Son. This is a nice children's fantasy, grounded in realism. Even the fantastic element is realistic, in that the dolphin doesn't abridge the rules just for convenience; the right introduction has to be made. It's not all right to make the excuse "I lost the cup because of a bear."

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of the “Midwest Book Review
The Fisherman's Son is a delightful and colorfully narrated tale which documents Marilyn Peake as a story teller of considerable narrative skill.

Rebecca Brown, Founder of RebeccasReads
The Fisherman's Son is a complex tale simply written, with fascinating detail & unblinking reality borrowing from legends & sagas deep within our collective memories.

Phillip Tomasso III, The Best Reviews
Marilyn Peake has burst onto the scene as a promising writer with the release of her first middle grade novel, The Fisherman's Son. Peake is a talented, creative and passionate storyteller. The Fisherman's Son is a thought provoking, heart-felt fantasy novel with a twist. It lends itself to great discussion questions to be reviewed with parents, teachers, or friends. Easy to pick up and read, hard to put down.

Beverly J. Rowe, My Shelf
The author's descriptions of the underwater world are exhilarating as Wiley traverses the depths and meets up with wonderful undersea creatures and the fearsome dragon-beast that guards the entrance to the village. This book would be a great read-aloud project for the whole family.

Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews
Marilyn Peake launches her debut with a fast paced offering that contains excellent imagery amidst a coming of age story. The Fisherman's Son will appeal to readers both young and old. This relatively quick read is a perfect offering for those who love fantasy.

Sharon Schulz-Elsing, Contributing Editor of Curled Up With a Good Book
Marilyn Peake's first fantasy novel for young readers, The Fisherman's Son, calls to mind all the mystery and wonder of Orson Scott Card's earlier mythological works such as Hart's Hope or Seventh Son in its quest-style tale, and in its evocative descriptions of a place much like early nineteenth-century Ireland comes close to the lush and luminous visual treatment of John Sayles' magical film The Secret of Roan Innish.

Jennie S. Bev
This first book by author Marilyn Peake shows her tremendous talent in story telling. In many ways, I found The Fisherman's Son a strong novel for children.

Cheryl McCann, Review-Books
The Fisherman's Son is a children's novel filled with fantasy, adventure and the heroic qualities of a brave, young boy. Even though it is considered a children's book, I certainly enjoyed the rich, descriptive text of this tale. It has wonderful imagination with touches of realism; descriptions of events are rich and put you in the scene, and it has a wonderful plot. I recommend it highly and look forward to the next book.

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Meet the Author

Marilyn Peake is the author of both novels and short stories. Her publications have received excellent reviews. Marilyn's one of the contributing authors in BOOK: THE SEQUEL, published by The Perseus Books Group, with one of her entries included in serialization at THE DAILY BEAST. In addition, Marilyn has served as Editor of a number of anthologies. Her short stories have been published in seven anthologies and on the literary blog, GLASS CASES.

Awards: Silver Award, two Honorable Mentions and eight Finalist placements in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards, two Winner and two Finalist placements in the EPPIE Awards, Winner of the Dream Realm Awards, and eight Top Ten Finisher Awards in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.

Marilyn Peake's website: http://www.marilynpeake.com