Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover Brian Dorsey's well-received Gateway series!

Gateway (Gateway Series Book 1), by Brian Dorsey

"The story, to put it simply, is great. It's strong, well-paced, interesting, and unpredictable. I can't rave enough about it. It doesn't follow the typical military sci-fi tropes and always keeps you intrigued, flipping through the pages to read just one more chapter. Also, while it's intended to be the start of a series, it's a satisfying, complete story on its own." -- Amazon Reviewer
Major Tyler Stone stands at the precipice of greatness. After years of faithful service to the Republic, everything seems to be coming together-a promotion, an engagement to a beautiful (and powerful) woman, and the restoration of his traditional family name promise to restore his family to its long lost place among Alpha Humana's elite.
But his world suddenly begins to crumble when deceit and defeat bring him face to face with the enemy-an enemy that turns his perception of the galaxy on its ear, challenging his understanding of his civilization and his own identity.
Now Stone must choose between duty and honor as he struggles to understand the nature of the war the Humani have been waging for so many generations.

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Meet the Author

Brian Dorsey is the author of the Gateway science fiction series as well as non-fiction historical works. He is a retired Naval Officer and currently an instructor for the Department of the Navy. When not spending time with his family, Brian enjoys reading and researching US and Native American history, watching good TV shows or films (anything by Joss Whedon), hunting, teaching the occasional history class, or working on his next writing project.