Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover Elliot Kay's well crafted Poor Man series!

This highly rated military sci-fi might be just what you need in a set of books. Want great characters, excellent writing, and stellar reviews? Check out the Poor Man's Flight Series.

Poor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight Series Book 1), by Elliott Kay

"I have to say, Eliot Kay knows his military boot camp material. What I like the most about "Poor Man's Fight" though is the way Mr. Kay sketches his characters. He's good at it and his easy going writing style is a cover for a highly crafted, well honed piece. His characters feel real and you care about them. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Quick-witted Tanner Malone has bombed the Test, an all-important exam that establishes how much he owes for his corporate-funded education. With his future plans crushed under a mountain of debt, Tanner enlists in the navy of his home star system of Archangel. But he hasn't factored in the bullying shipmates, the civil war brewing on the border, or the space pirates.

As Tanner begins basic training, the government ramps up its forces to confront the vicious raiders wreaking havoc throughout human space. Led by the complex and charismatic Captain Casey, the outlaws never let their egalitarian and democratic ideals get in the way of a little murder or mayhem.
Assigned to the front lines, Tanner learns there's only one way to deal with his ruthless foes, cruel comrades, and the unforgiving void of space. He'll have to get up close and personal.

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Meet the Author

Like many Seattleites, Elliott Kay is a refugee from Los Angeles. He is a former Coast Guardsman with a Bachelor's in history. Elliott has survived a motorcycle crash, serious electric shocks, severe seasickness, summers in Phoenix and winters in Seattle. Other books by Elliott include the Good Intentions series, an urban fantasy comedy-adventure set in modern day Seattle. Please, for your own safety, read the warnings before purchase.