Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover Rob Swigart's suspenseful Thriller in Paradise series!

The "Thriller in Paradise" series is police procedural at its best - mystery, action, and suspense. Wordsmith, Swigart, creates characters and storyline that won't be forgotten!

Vector: A Thriller in Paradise (The Thriller in Paradise Series), by Rob Swigart

"Vector is a super thriller for sure, but the writing that sweeps you along is what makes Swigart one of the top thriller writers today. " -- Amazon reviewer
VECTOR is the FIRST book in Rob Swigart's Thriller in Paradise series.

"Entertaining!" -Best Sellers

"An intriguing blend of jungle action... and cliffhanger suspense." -San Francisco Chronicle

"A fast-paced novel with an exciting, climactic ending." -Peninsula Times Tribune


ONLY a tough scientist and a clever island cop can stop them from loosing it on an unsuspecting world.

Detective Cobb Takamura's idea of a busy night is a few drunken tourists and a jaywalker. That is, until the flood of killings begins, when suddenly the tropical paradise he calls home becomes a raging inferno of violence and bloodshed. Seemingly the victims-who all died screaming of unknown causes, have nothing in common.

With the help of scientist and martial artist Chazz Koenig, Takamura tracks the deadly conspirators- and their state-of-the-art, biological weaponry.

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Meet the Author

I've been a writer of one kind or another most of my adult life, starting as a cub reporter at the Cincinnati Enquirer. While working publishing in the 1960s, I sensed the influx of newly minted MBAs into the industry was a harbinger of traditional publishing's decline. I ignored my trepidations and the advice of my parents and plunged into a writing career., though I did hedge my bets by getting a PhD in Comparative Literature. From there I taught at the university level, worked as a technology journalist and technical writer, scripted computer games and a television episode, published several novels and a hundred or so poems, did story, scenario and report writing for the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA, and generally had a very good time. Most of my novels are available from an on-line seller like Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Several are also available as eBooks. My latest books have had an archaeology theme, a lifelong interest. I'm currently at work on a mostly (but not entirely) non-fiction book about the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. The current working title is How Stone Age People Ruined Our Future. Another subtitle would be Food, Sex, and Religion, How Agriculture Changed Our Minds. Or perhaps How We Stopped Moving and Changed Everything. Of this topic I can only say this: Agriculture was mankind's worst idea ever. Followed by monotheism.