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Firehurler (Twinborn Trilogy), by J.S. Morin

"This is a great book that I can't recommend enough. The whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking about it all day, mulling things over in my head. You know it's a great book when you're still thinking about is 12 hours after the last time you picked it up. This is classic fantasy (in a good way), with very approachable characters that you can't help but root for. There's a lot about the world that neither you nor the characters know about in the beginning, and that keeps you guessing and reading just one more chapter, just one more chapter... The world is very well thought out, with history and detail and little quirks you don't notice until you reread the book. But JS Morin's writing style won't bore you with pages long descriptions of the color of the flowers in the field, either. It does a great job of describing enough so you are immersed in the world without describing too much such that you get bogged down in the details." -- Amazon reviewer
Named one of the "Best Indie Fantasy Books Worth a Read" on Goodreads
If you love the classic epic fantasy greats, but hunger for a refreshing concept, the Twinborn Trilogy delivers!
One world of magic. One world of reason. Two lives intertwined in connection mistaken for a dream.
By day, Kyrus Hinterdale lives the mundane life of a scribe. By night, he lives out the adventures of Brannis Solaran, a failed sorcerer turned knight. When Brannis leads his battalion into the forest on a routine scouting mission, they are overwhelmed by a goblin force. While leading the survivors to regroup and prepare the empire for the inevitable war, Brannis struggles to understand why a scribe from his own dreams, suddenly seems to be able to perform the magic he never could.

As the two discover the reality of their connection, their comfortable lives begin to unravel. Now they have to share knowledge between worlds to stay a step ahead of the mysteries piling up. Who is behind the unprovoked goblin attacks? How will a world dominated by reason react to the presence of magic? Who is the quiet stranger in the woods who refuses to give his name' And who might be playing a deadly game, with pawns in both worlds?
Praise for Firehurler
"If you read only one fantasy this year, make it this one!" - Theresa Snyder
"Original Concept, Perfectly Executed!" - Richi from Two Reads
"Intricately detailed, awesome read" - Mel Chesley from Caldonia Lass
"It is quite astonishing that author J.S. Morin can craft not only one breathtakingly vivid fantasy world, but two." - The Book Brothers

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Meet the Author

I am a writer of epic fantasy. I enjoy strategy, world-building, and filling in the missing words that English forgot. My ultimate goal is to be both clever and right at the same time.

I took to writing because the gaming group I DMed for kept throwing monkey wrenches into my elaborately crafted stories. I decided to take over their part and write as a novelist. It allowed me to break free of the constraints of the gaming mechanics and create my own worlds. More importantly, it gave me the freedom to create the characters I wanted to inhabit those worlds, and not just the NPCs.

Firehurler started off from a dream, one that I could recall no detail from, just a strong sense of how real it had felt at the time. It got me thinking of what it would be like if the person in my dreams had just fallen asleep and started dreaming of my world, equally unable to recall it on waking. That was the origin of the Twinborn Trilogy concept: the stories of the people who could remember.