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There are serious spoilers here, so please don't read the questions if you haven't finished the book and don't want to know.

Last warning.

Okay, here we go.

Here are this week's questions:

1.  Sookie goes back to the Fellowship to watch Godfrey meet the dawn.  What did you think of this?  And by "this" I mean everything:  Sookie willingly going back to the fellowship, Godfrey's decision and his intent to follow thru on it, Godfrey actually meeting the dawn.  (Full disclosure:  I cry every time I read this part.).  Godfrey thinks he's a bad person, and a bad vampire.  What do you think?

2.  Sookie and Bill report to Stan for the last time, and they find out what happened to Isabell and Hugo.  What do you think of vampire justice?  What if you were Sookie?  Do you agree with Stan's methods?  Do you think Hugo was getting off just a little too lightly?  Or do you think this punishment was appropriate, given Hugo's actions?  Would you bet against Isabel, even if Hugo has a head start?

3.  A badly wounded Sookie is at a vampire party in full swing when she "hears" the Fellowship gathering outside, preparing to attack.  What do you think of the party?  Do you think it was appropriate for Bill to ask Sookie to stay at the party, given how the previous 24 hours had gone for her?  Eric asks Sookie to remove a bullet from him, and she ingests some of his blood.  What do you think about that?  Do you think Eric was particularly conniving in this gesture?  Do you think he has an ulterior motive?

4.  Sookie, still hurt, and now really hurt b/c Bill left to go Fellowship chasing without even stopping to see if she was dead or injured or worse.  What do you think of Bill's actions?  Do you think he should have spared at least a thought for Sookie?  Or is he merely acting on his nature?  Sookie takes the rental car and goes back to the airport, catching the first flight home.  Is this the same girl we met in Dead Until Dark?  Do you think Sookie is learning from her experiences?

5.  Bill has a date with Portia Bellefleur.  Any thoughts?

6.  Because she is apparently the "new Sookie", Sookie gets invited to a sex party, and in all probabilty the person who killed Lafayette will be there.  What do you think about her decision to take Eric to the party with her?  How about Eric's choice of outfit?

7.  Everybody in the story shows up at the party.  What do you think of Sookie's friend Tara, who makes a rare appearance here?  What about the rest of the participants?  The maenad?  What do you think of the resolution to the murder mystery?  Was justice served?

8.  In the aftermath of the party, Caroline Bellefleur sends Sookie a chocolate cake (yum), and says that "Some people say it's good."  Bill learns that Caroline is his great great niece, and helps the struggling Bellefleurs out (recall the description of their house.  Well, I say recall it.  I can't remember if it's in this book or the last one).  Given how this book started, what do you think about Bill helping out the Bellefleurs?  Is there any way he could do this for Sookie?  Should he offer? 

9.  Any other thoughts on Living Dead in Dallas?
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