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JRTomlin said:
Other than my absolute hatred and loathing for the movie, Braveheart, and the conviction that the story needed to be told right, no.
You're AWESOME for that. I'm halfway through your first book and have only put it down to comment here. It's brilliant thus far...

And I find inspiration in anything creative that's done well. Walked by an art exhibit last night and felt like working on my novel. Watched a pretty good movie over the weekend, and went to be working on my novel. Read a great e-book ("No Shelter" by Z. Constance Frost) and got inspired.

Am reading a great e-book right now (see above) and know how I'm spending my morning...

All these things are different too. The art inspiration was truly found in a very impressive piece that focused on the face of the kangaroo. Something about the way they'd captured the eyes really touched me. The movie was dark and odd, but deep. The "No Shelter" book is secret assassin actiontastic and "Freedom's Sword" is historical fiction (actiontastic too).

Yet they're ALL inspiring because they're done so well.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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