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I've got twelve short stories up right now and most of them feature twist endings (which are, of course, supported throughout the plot). The stories change gears usually around the last third. I've written the blurbs for them and used tags describing the stories, but I don't want to give away the endings. Lately I've been thinking that the reveals (the interesting part that the stories are actually about) is what would draw people to purchase the story. I'm not sure how to sell this, though, without ruining the surprise.
For instance, my story "The Worm" starts off with a DEA agent captured by drug dealers in the jungle. Interesting enough, but (spoiler alert! Ha!) it ends with the DEA agent being turned into a zombie through a pseudo-scientific reason. Now, the blurb reads something like "When DEA agent Nestor is captured by a drug lord, he fears he will be killed. But his fate is much worse than he could ever imagine."
I feel that it reads as an interesting thriller, but turns to horror at the end. If I wrote anything about zombies, that would ruin the twist. However, I know that many people are interested in zombie stories and might purchase it if they knew that it would go there eventually. Most of my stories are like this (in a range of genres). How have you guys handled stories with twists that might put it in a different category than the rest of the story leads people to believe?
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