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Do you?

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Do you feel your character's pain and joy, as your write about their lives, conjuring it up in your mind.

My protagonist (male) just broke up with the woman he loves, sacrificing his love for the sake of saving a life.  I felt so saddened, when I finished that break-up scene, it felt as if I was in that moment.  I felt the pain and loss that he was feeling!

Is it only me? 
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I do.

Which is why I'm switching over to stories about people eating chocolate cake and doing it.
No, it's not just you. I have in my time written some very painful scenes. It's hard to say but I think perhaps the most painful was when my main character's best friend died screaming for his brother to help him. That was excruciating to write. And I occasionally tear up a bit when something really good happens since the good can be a bit far between.
No, you are not the only one. But I am assuming you have been through it before. In most cases, when we write about something with which we can relate, it will be much more likely to strike an emotional response. I have been through a LOT in my life and it shows when I watch movies or read books that have a very emotional part in it. I can feel all the buried emotions from past events well up in me as I have to fight to keep the dams from bursting!!

And yes, men get emotional too, we just try hard to hide it lol
Each of the three books in The Accident at 13th and Jefferson opens with a death at the end of the first chapter.  I was OK with the adults, the mother and father, respectively, in books 1 and 2 but in book 3 the 14 year old son dies instead.  I fiddled around for almost a month working up the nerve to write that scene, and then for at least a week after I finally did, I was dying from the guilt.  "I killed a kid," I told several people who wanted to know what was wrong with me.
Dalya, I tend to write a lot about people eating cake too.  It's emotional, especially when I have no cake in the house!

Dalya said:
I do.

Which is why I'm switching over to stories about people eating chocolate cake and doing it.
This made me laugh so hard! Dayla, you are so funny!
Must add more chocolate cake to my stories.  I've already got the "doing it" down.
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