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Does Amazon notify you when they receive returned Kindle?

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I sent my old Kindle back last week once I knew I was completely satisfied with my replacement. Does Amazon let you know when they receive the returned item? I want to make sure they get it so that I don't get charged for a second unit!
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Interesting - have not heard of anyone saying anything about that.  I am sure there will be someone popping in here to answer.
I was never notified on other things I've sent back to Amazon.  Maybe you can call CS and ask them.
I had mine replaced through warantee and got an email when my old one had been received and processed, including a "billing" breakdown which showed I wasn't being charged for the new one. It did take a while, though, so I'm assuming it has to go through some kind of inspection or something first.
I had to return 4 kindles! :(  I received an email confirmation of return on only my first one.

I copied my ups tracking info with the "received by" statement to keep as a record on all my returns.

So far there has been no problems and it is close to 30 days since my last replacement was returned.
I had my Kindle 2 replaced at the end of April and sent the broken one back. I haven't received an email notification that it was returned but until I saw this thread, I didn't even think about it. So I assume everything is okay.

Do you have a tracking number? As long as you have proof of delivery, you should be fine.
Thanks everyone! Yes, I do have my tracking number, I made sure I got a receipt at the UPS store. I'm not really worried, was just curious as to how Amazon handled this.
I never received a notification, and I'm fairly certain that's normal. You say you have your tracking number, so it should be fine.  :)
I sent my K2 back, after they replaced it. A week later I got an email saying they received it and therefore no charge.
Guess what? I got an email today! lol The email notified me that Amazon had received my returned kindle and that since they had sent me a replacement I would not be getting a refund. I guess it depends upon how the replacement was done on the CS end as to whether or not you get an email.

Thanks again everyone for answering my questions.  :)
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