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I have this case (in pink) and I really love it. I had an m-edge executive case but wanted a cover with a stand. This case is very thin and light. I used to use my Kindle without a case
all the time but since I've had this I haven't taken it out--it's very convenient to have the stand. One thing--I was getting ready to put a new skin on my Kindle when I got the cover so
I thought I would see how well the case worked with the old skin before I put the new one on. It did ding up the upper corners of my skin and was a slightly tighter fit. I haven't yet put the new skin on but would probably trim the upper corners before I used the case with a Kindle skin.

To answer your question, I haven't tried dropping it on my hardwood floor. :D However, the rails that hold the Kindle are right at the very edge of the case so if the Kindle fell and hit along that plastic rail I would be a little worried about the shock damaging the screen. Honestly though, I would worry about that in any cover. Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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