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Does anyone know how to take kindle tag off?

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You know when you look at a picture and it has the Kindle tag on amazon? How do I save the pic without that?
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Never tried, but I wonder if you could save it as an image and then crop it with photo editing software???

I'm not a big techie, can you tell? :)
there is a way to change the URL but I can't remember how! =(
If you click open image in new window you should be able to take off the tag but for the life of me I can't recall what part I need to delete. Hope that helps make what I am asking more clear.
usually, I will do a google image search with the book title + 'cover' and find an image without the extras on it.  It's often much faster than trying to crop or split out the image ...
I do what Geoffrey said too.  Not always successfully but usually I can find something.  If the book isn't in Select then you might be able to find it on another site as well or on the author's website/blog.
I forgot to mention... Goodreads is usually a good source of book images too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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