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Ryne Billings said:
I was a writer on until the end of April. I think my latest work has something like 740 reviews on it (though that's nothing compared to the big ones in that fandom.)

I don't publicize my connection to that account, though it isn't hidden either.

I don't openly point to it and say that it's mine because I'm not nearly as good at fanfiction as I am with original fiction. I'd hate for someone to read my work over there and assume that it's the best I've got. Some of it was pretty bad, though a lot of fanfiction is very bad.

I do wonder why you say, "would you (sic) consider releasing it free of charge"

It's a curious question that I can't fully understand. Do keep in mind that fanfiction HAS to be free though. Otherwise, it's copyright infringement falling outside of fair use.
It's copyright infringement even if it's free. It's just that they don't go after it in most cases.

The fanfic version of games is modding. There have been a number of free mods that have been shut down by Lucasarts because they infringed on their Star Wars I.P.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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