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Does this blurb sound at all interesting?

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Hey, I was working on a blurb for a new series I'm working on. How does this sound?

Never explore an ancient Egyptian tomb. That was the first rule of adventuring. It was right before never, ever be the last one alone inside. Thes Mercer did both of those things. Now, this Alpha werewolf has just one goal, to get back home before Ancient Egypt is engulfed in a turf war of godly proportions.

It’s too bad he broke the third rule of adventuring, too. Don’t fall in love with the mummy princess.
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Sounds interesting, a little different and mercifully short.
Is the book funny(ish)?
The blurb sounds darkly humorous, so I would wonder if that tone continues inside.
Now I wouldn't read it because of the werewolf thing, but the blurb itself had me intrigued (and I'm a tough audience).
Certainly more than the usual "Perils of Pauline" style blurb (what could possibly happen to our plucky heroine next? gasp!).
Pretty good.  Nice length, clear idea what it's about, quirk & fun tone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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