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"Don't Set a Watchman"

Society exploits orphans.That too, two very beautiful orphaned sisters, one a math wiz, and the other, a mad ballerina.

Society also exploits spinsters. That too, one who is soon to become very rich.

This romantic suspense novel with a paranormal twist showcases the dark side of human relationships, dangerous fantasies, and filthy cravings.

As different lovers crave for occupying the basement, you will ultimately realize who the real watchman is. The one who has been protecting the three vulnerable ladies all along.

This novel is set in Dallas, Venice, and Warsaw.


A wooden log struck their backs and their knees repeatedly. And even before the brothers could turn around and figure out, they received blows around their chins. Their jaws cracked and blood spilled out along with their broken teeth. The brothers crouched and cried but the wooden log continued to beat viciously against their backs. The brothers stumbled around and fell face down on the patio steps. In that darkness, they couldn't make out all that was happening. They screamed in pain and threw around their hands helplessly as they got dragged into the basement. They were then kicked down the basement steps. They rolled and fell at the dungeon entrance. The log continued to beat them on their thighs and knees. It then punished their fighting hands. Their fingers were crushed and bloodied. They were then dragged deep into the dungeon and their ankles were tied to the post. Rocco's left ankle and Mauro's right ankle were chained. The beating once again continued and the brothers screamed.

And then, everything became silent for a few minutes excepting for the frightened crying sounds of Rocco and Mauro.

After that, the dim green light turned on.

Rocco and Mauro shivered and screamed at the masked figure standing before them.

It was the sinister beak of the plague doctor.

Book Link:

Also available on Kindle Unlimited.
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