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Doopie-doo, I am two chapters away...

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from finishing my book, and I am screwing around on Kindleboards.  Please beat me with sticks.
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Okay, I'll work on my WIP if everybody else does. For an hour. Okay, go. You hang up first. No, you hang up first!
Fay Weldon in Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen:

"If you persist with your novel, you will find it difficult to finish…. You will go on holiday, break an arm, finish with your boyfriend, or start another affair; quarrel with your parents, burn down your flat–anything, to put off the actual finishing of the work. You may very well not even understand what you are doing.

" 'But I couldn’t have wanted to break my arm,' you’ll say.

" 'Your right arm,' I’ll say, 'your writing arm. Funny it wasn’t your left.'"
You guys are awesome.  I'm getting closer.  And I have not yet broken my arm, but I am considering it.
ElHawk said:
Please beat me with sticks.
That never works. Here, try this. I want you to watch the animation above. Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. You are getting sleepy. Your cares and woes are melting away, and you're drifting off to sleep. Now close your eyes. I'm going to count to three, and when I say "three", you'll awake and get right to work for the rest of the day. One. Two. Three....Oh, crap, I bet she's still got her eyes closed and didn't see the countdown...Nuts, this doesn't work over the internet.
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