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Dragon Nat Speak + Scrivener=??

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Hi all,

I am a longtime user of Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC version. I still use version 10 even though there is now a version 12) with Word. I dictate directly into Word with no issues.

I recently started using Scrivener, which I LOVE. However, when trying to dictate directly into Scrivener, I end up with frustrating formatting issues (every time I pause, the next word is capitalized, no space after a period, does not capitalize first word of a sentence, inconsistent behavior after carriage returns). These are not issues I have with word so not sure if there is a Dragon or a Scrivener setting I can adjust. I have looked but can't find anything.

For now, I am dictating into Word and then cutting and pasting to Scrivener. Not very efficient, really.

Anyone use this combo on the PC and can give direction?
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Oh, yeah, I forgot about the locking up. That happened to me several times. I thought it was just from my lousy writing :)
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