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Hi! My very first book ever, Dragonworld ETC, has been updated (months ago) and put for free sale. It can be found here:


This is an anthology of short story-poems centered on the space dragons within the world of Empire of Dragons. The stories range from a cat-dragon’s ascent from the underworld’s lower levels, to a girl wandering around a city built in the heaven-realm.

This was published in 2011 and has been update since with art sketches to accompany each poem. This works offers something new to the world of Dragons.
If you read the sample, please be aware the Amazon sample I’m seeing is outdated. If your download does not look like the updated Gumroad version, please tell me and I will give you a proper copy!

Also, this book has a Gumroad release with a PDF: Dragonworld ETC (Empire of Dragons, poetry + art)

If you’d like to support the creation of newer, better art books, please consider buying a copy at Gumroad too!

thanks! :D 🐉
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