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Drive Thru Fiction - Is it worth it?

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I came across Drive Thru Fiction and was thinking of placing my books there. Does anyone have any experience with them either good or bad? Are there any pros and cons I should know about? Thanks!
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Drivethru is connected to and I've been with them for years now. They are great people. But the thing with Drivethrufiction is that the audiences leans heavily toward the core genres of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi (because the audience comes from the gaming community). I sell well there, but I am also an RPG publisher and I know that audience well. If your books are not firmly in those core genres, you make struggle to sell anything there.

Things I love about Drivethrurpg:

1. If I have a problem, I can talk to a real person who actually knows what he is talking about. Their customer service people know the site and don't delivery stock answers. They will work to solve the problem.

2. Ability to set sale prices without altering my retail price.

3. Ability to offer coupons.

4. Ability to send comp copies through their system.

5. Ability to build a huge opt-in mailing list. Customers through the system can set their preferences to allow you to send them regular emails. Generally, you can only send emails to your customers, but this includes people who download freebies. So you can send customized sales offers to people who want to get them. Whenever I issue a new release, I'm sending out an email to thousands of customers through their system.

6. Bundles, including cross-publisher bundles. Want to do a special promotion with another author? You can set up cross-publisher bundles. I've done this in the past with some publishers I am friendly with and it is a great way to cross promote.

7. On site promotions. Each publisher gets a set number of promotion points each month, depending on your sales volume. You can use these points to buy banner ads, front page display ads, etc.

The customer base is much smaller than Amazon, or even Smashwords. But it is a loyal customer base. Once they find publishers they like, they tend to stick with them and buy everything that publisher puts out. It is also a customer base, however, that still prefers PDF and want to be able to print their files to read. This is the "old school" digital market where people are use to buying PDFs and reading from their computers or printing the pages to put in a binder to read. So you want to offer the PDF format along with other formats.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, Julie.
That was very informative and now I'm thinking that I may only place a few titles there that lean more toward horror, but it sounds like a great place to do business with.
If your material appeals to RPGers or tends to sci-fi, fantasy or horror, DriveThru is a great home for your work. It is a smaller site, but great people and a very loyal, dedicated customer base. Good royalties, too.
I've listed one books with them, and then promptly forgotten about them.


Should probably go back and list the rest of my books.
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