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DriveThru Fiction has a new promotional tool!

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I was just checking my sales on DTF today when I discovered a new tool that's been added: the DTF Deal of the Day.

Basically, you use your Publisher Points on a book that's normally $2.99 or more and have it appear randomly on the front page at a set discount.

I just set the big RB book up for one and we'll see how well it works. Just another awesome tool DTF has to offer writers with no strings attached.
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Thanks, Vaal! Just submitted.
Can't wait to hear how it goes. I just recently discovered DriveThru Fiction and can't wait to get my books up. I've used DriveThruRPG for years!
Thanks, Vaal! Will definitely check this out!
Bugger. Books need to be more than $2.99. All my first in series are free or 99c. Uhm. Raise prices to try this out?
Thanks for the info. I'll try it with Mercy Mission or one of my bundles.
I just submitted one of my books. It's twelfth in the queue.
Hmm ... wonder if I should do this with Book 2 (Book 1 already being available there for free). It's a great site, but I haven't gotten any real traction there.
MeganBryce said:
Hey! That's great. Seeing any action from it?

I wish I sold at DTF, though I know my books probably aren't what readers there are looking for. But I love how much info they give you.
Give it a try. Worst case scenario, you get no sales there and can easily pull your catalogue.
MeganBryce said:
Hey! That's great. Seeing any action from it?
Not yet, but I'm not sure how often they update the publisher's account page. But it's still a thrill to see my book (and Willow's awesome cover) right on top of their home page.

Did I get a screenshot? You bet your sweet bippy I did. ;D
Looks like I'll need to take a closer look at Drive Thru Fiction.
Congrats, Robert. I submitted one of mine and was No. 4 in the queue.
I'll have to give this a try as well. I like some of the tools DTF makes available for us, but just wish I could move more sales there.
Well, my DTF publisher's page updated, and I sales from my Deal Of The Day. Part of it might be due to the fact that I never received the notification email and couldn't get the word out until late, and I suspect that part of it is that some books may just not do well on there, including mine. Ah, well. I did get a cool screenshot, and it didn't cost any money, so it wasn't so bad.

And thanks again to Vaalingrade for letting us know about this. Here's hoping that other KBoarders have better luck and sales there!
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