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Driving Myself Crazy!

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I just released the first two parts of my three part serialized erotic romance series. Both parts are short (approx 70 pp each). I have already sold 35 books at $.99 each between the two. The third part is ready to go and I was planning on pricing it at $2.99,  but now I'm having misgivings about serializing.  I'm thinking about pulling book 2 and releasing Book 1 as a complete 250 page novel at $2.99. I'm only on Amazon at the moment as I can't get onto BN due to mysterious pubIt issues.

My question is, does it make sense to pull the books and re-release as one $2.99 full novel? How should I handle readers who have already purchased the installments? (about 20 individuals at the moment)  I would love to  hear your thoughts.  Thanks so much.
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In my humble opinion, you should just leave the installments up and just release the boxed set sooner. That way you have 4 books floating out there for exposure.

(P.S. Stop over thinking it.  ;))
And remember .99 and 2.99 aren't the only prices. You can make some of the serials 1.99 so that the boxed set is a bargain by comparison.

Also, 1.99 is not unreasonable for 70 pages of funtimes.
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