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I just published DUAL, a short story about a parallel universe. It is up for .99 and here is an excerpt:

Betty turned and walked back to his side of the table hoping he would follow. She wanted him sitting down.

Like an obedient child, he followed her and sat, hands immediately wrapping around his empty glass.

Betty remained standing behind his chair. "Why?" If it was so wonderful there, why would you ever want to come back here?"

"I didn't belong. My life here ain't grand but it's mine. I have friends to buy me booze and to drink and laugh with. I got a TV. That's all I need. I'm old and I've been sick. I didn't want to spend the last of my days with strangers, no matter how kind they may be. So I came back the same way I went in."

"Did you ever tell anyone else besides the Professor?"

"Are you kidding? People think I'm crazy enough as it is. I didn't want to be put away."

She believed him. And she now had what she came for.

With his back to her, he silently raised his glass for another drink. Betty reached her arm around from behind him and picked up the bottle. It was half full and hefty enough to do the job. She swung with all of her strength and connected to his right temple. He went down like a sack of potatoes.

The blow was meant to kill. After all, she wasn't a bad person and she saw no need to make him suffer unnecessarily. She poured the rest of the whiskey on the old newspapers, food cartons, bags and other debris lying around the dirty kitchen floor. She covered as much mess as she could.

"I'm sorry I had to take your life, Crazy. But you weren't really using it anyway."

She fished the matches from her pocket.

It doesn't have any reviews yet as it just came out. Maybe yours will be my first. :) Thank you for looking at my thread.

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Congratulations on your short story!

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Just got my first Smashwords review!  Very excited.  Still free for those who like short fiction.  :)
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