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"Before Ichabod Crane, before the Headless Horseman, Washington Irving discovered something even more important...himself."

Lovers of historical fiction, early American history and literature will thrill to Dutchess County, a cinematic retelling of the life of America's first storyteller, Washington Irving (1783-1859).

New York City, 1809: When his sweetheart's father urges him to find a "real profession," struggling writer Irving embarks with his best friend, painter Washington Allston, on an odyssey through the magical Hudson River Valley. There Irving finds the inspiration for his beloved stories "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and the wisdom that helps him weather the storms of life.

Paperback: $9.99
E-book: $5.99

Order it here:

Dutchess County: A Screenplay: De Sapio, Michael Martin: 9781079116519: Books

Amazon reviews:

"The screenplay effectively marries Washington Irving's literary journey with his legendary literary creations, Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane. Also of interest is the enduring friendship that develops between the two Washingtons, that is, Washington Irving and Washington Allston. A delightful read."

"De Sapio's portrayal is both clever and humorous as he weaves fact and fiction (Irving's) to depict much of Irving's adult life. Through Irving's struggles as a writer, De Sapio includes vignettes from Irving's family, friendships, and romances. He seamlessly blends dramatizations from Rip Van Winkle and Sleepy Hollow, concluding with Irving in his prime at Sunnyside, his home on the Hudson."

About the author:

Michael De Sapio is a writer and musician from Alexandria, Virginia. His essays on religious and aesthetic topics have appeared in Fanfare, Touchstone, and The Twilight Zone Museum. Michael's first screenplay was The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta.

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