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Easiest Blog Post You'll Ever Write...

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You know how we think some readers look at the price tag free and turn their nose up at it? Well, let me tell you, trying to get blog posts out of authors for free advertising is a Herculean task! I've asked and advertised we could take free blog posts from authors geared towards readers for 2 weeks now, and have had a very small response. At one point, I considered charging, just to get authors to put some value on it, but really didn't like that idea.

So I've come up with something better....

You know the page in the Economist or Newsweek near the front that is just a bunch of quotes or tweets as the case may be today? It's easy to browse. You sometimes chuckle or go "Hmmm, good thought" and even learn new public figures. I've decided these kind of "team" blog posts would be fun to make and great for readers.

I created a quick survey of fun questions for authors to answer. If we use your answers, we'll let you know, and link to your book in the attribution. Some are light hearted questions, like Shark or Whale? others are slightly more formal, "Name a book to read during a rain storm." Next week, I'll take the answers, make some fun infographics where I can, and then quote some of the best answers so readers get to laugh and smile and meet new authors.

It's free. It takes about 5-10 minutes. Easiest blog post you'll ever write. Our articles are new for our readers, but they get Piggy Points for commenting. I wrote a silly little post about handbags and it has over 8 comments on it and a couple hundred unique viewers for this week alone. What's nice too is that once we get a good library of articles, I will be rotating them in and out of social media, and authors featured in them can do the same. It's always fun to share content that's not "Buy my Book" or "Look at me" but still introduce yourself to new readers. After all, some of your Twitter followers may not click on "Ellipses...Are They Dead" my guest post on So and So's blog but I bet they'll click on Shark Vs. Whale! link.


Here is the place to do this week's questions. I plan to have different questions each week. As soon as I get about 60-100 responses I will close the form.
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Bait taken.
I'm in.
Done! Great idea. Everyone is sooo busy now. I (heart) team blogs.
Thank you all! Some of the answers are quite funny. My favorite was one author picking shark over whale because Moby Dick was boring. :)
Also done.
A great idea.  My answers have gone on the pyre.
Elizabeth Ann West said:
Thank you all! Some of the answers are quite funny. My favorite was one author picking shark over whale because Moby Dick was boring. :)
I almost answered that question and picked whale because I thought Moby Dick was a great book. ;D
Thank you very much for doing this, Elizabeth - what a good idea! I've added my tuppenceworth* to it.

*5 cents' worth?
Done and bumped. Thanks!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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