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Terrence OBrien said:
Now there is no formatting step. A Word HTML file goes into Mobi, I ID a cover file, ID the TOC tag, and produce a prc file that can be directly uploaded to Amazon. Prior to that upload, I USB copy to my personal Kindle to make sure it looks right . If it does, it gets uploaded. If not, i fix it in Word and repeat until I like it.

I then input the prc file to Calibre and upload the ePub output to B&N.
Does the .prc and the ePub files load faster onto KDP and B&N? I just upload my Word file, doing everything you said minus the Mobipocket Creator and Calibre steps. The files generally take two to three days before they go live.

Also, what about loading up on Smashwords first. They are very fast most of the time. Take the .mobi file and the epub file they generate and uploading them to Amazon and B&N?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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