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eBook and Paperback | Keeping the Two In-Sync

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Hi All,

I was curious if anyone knew a good way to compare a word document to the text of an ebook (Mobi, or epub).  Basically I've had to make updates since the initial release of the paperback/ebook and I fear my versions may have gotten out of perfect sync. The word doc contains all the formatting for the paperback and the eBook contains all the coding for the mobi.

Anyone encountered this, have a good solution?
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I don't have a way to check this after the fact, but Adobe has a product called InCopy that works with InDesign; it lets you synchronize between multiple layouts of the same text (ebook, paperback, and hardback for example).

Acrobat "pro" also has a text compare function; you could, I suppose, make a pdf from your epub file (by breaking it open as html and then using print to pdf from a browser) and then use the compare from the pdf made from the epub. You probably have to do this chapter by chapter since in the epub, each chapter is its own html file. Sorry, that's the best bad option I've got.
I put a date code on the copyright page of my books - just a simple number in sortable date format (20150409). My books are compiled in Scrivener, so it's updated automatically. Then a quick glance at the Look Inside will tell me how old it is.

It won't help you right now, but maybe in the future...
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