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I had an interesting time last night and wanted to tell you about it. I am currently working on a Masters in Library and Information Studies. Last night I was in class and someone who works in the University library mentioned that there had been a discussion of ebooks vs. dtb's. Immediately, 3 of us in the back of the room reached down and pulled our readers out of our bags. One was a Sony, and the other 2 Kindles. We passed them around so others could look at them. I got to see the new Sony up close.

I will keep my Kindle, thanks. The Sony was smaller and thinner, but felt heavier. It also didn't seem as balanced as the Kindle. It was harder to hold in one hand like a paperback. The other student with a Kindle mentioned the rumor about the new Kindle being announced next week. I said I would believe it when I heard it from Amazon. However, we both agreed that if the new Kindle is as pictured, we will keep our current ones. We like them much better.

Oh yes, this was the first time I have seen another Kindle in the wild.

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Interesting. I keep telling myself I should make a field trip to Target to see the Sony but haven't managed to get there yet.

What did the person from the University library have to say about ebooks vs. DTBs?

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