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Edge Extended App--Fire, Fire HD, Win 8?

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I got the free app yesterday for my Fire called Edge Extended.  I think it needs to be on the HD Fire, but I still enjoy it on my regular Fire.
I would like to get this same game for my Touch screen all in one desktop computer. 
Does anyone know if it's possible to get a PC version? I have Windows 8 with apps.
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The only "PC" apps are, I think, the ones via Microsoft and Windows 8.  You'd have to check their store.

Mobigames is just recently venturing into Android games - you can see they have more for iOS (Cross Fingers is an AWESOME game!!!).

There is a beta product that will let you run android games on Windows (or Mac):

I just checked, I CAN buy edge (the original) for my Mac thru the app store - so there is a chance... and I dug further, Edge for Mac is a port by someone else it looks like - and it is available on Steam for both Mac and Windows.
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Thanks, Tracey and Ann,  I downloaded the Steam utility and then tested my system.  It is Incompatible with windows 8.
I hope that it soon might be able to have Win8 added to its list.
I will check my Win 8 game apps for some other interesting game.
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