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Hello! My name is Kate. I am a freelance editor offering combined developmental and line edits as well as proofreading. My prices are significantly discounted for a limited time as I build up my client base. I'm currently booking for August, September, and October. (Update: My pricing will raise on August 18th. If you book with me prior to that day for an edit in the future, I will honor the pricing at the time of booking.)

I have a bachelor’s degree in English with creative writing, three self-published novels, and five years of creative writing and editing experience. I am passionate about helping you reach your creative potential!


If you request a developmental/line edit from me, I'll focus on the bones of your story and help you find the weak spots. Do you struggle with descriptions? Are your characters feeling flat? Are there plot holes you can't figure out how to fix? Unsure of how to tighten up your prose? I'm here for you. I'm committed to offering helpful and constructive criticism that not only shows you opportunities to strengthen your story (and how to strengthen it) but also helps you play on your current strengths as a writer! I'll work through your manuscript, make my edits in track changes, then write you up an editorial analysis so you can have the main ideas in one place (and a reminder of how to fix common issues).
(If your manuscript is more advanced and doesn't need much of a developmental edit, I'll shift my focus to line editing and do some light copyediting!)
Current discounted rate: $0.004/word

If you request a proofread from me, I’ll read over your story with a fresh set of eyes to catch and correct any glossed-over mistakes. Proofreading is the final editorial step before publishing, so keep in mind that if I start proofreading your manuscript and find it isn’t quite ready for this stage, I will contact you to offer you alternative options.
Current discounted rate: $0.003/word

Unsure? Here are a few testimonials from my clients:
  • “Kate's editing skills are sublime. She was quick, eagle-eyed, and informative. I learned so much about my story from her. I always thought I was pretty good at punctuation, but she showed me ways I could improve, especially with exclamation points. Her feedback was helpful and encouraging. She gave critique without being either unnecessarily critical and harsh or overly positive and pandering. I really got an honest review from her. I would use her services again in the future because she is skilled, professional, honest, and quick.— Sami Searle
  • “I just recently was blessed to have Kate edit my book. A couple of things really stood out and impressed me. First was how thorough and precise she was. No detail was too small for her to point out. The second was how encouraging she was. As she pointed out my mistakes she was so kind. Often she suggested much better ways to word some phrase. After reading her suggestions, I was encouraged to work even harder to improve my writing. I certainly will use her again and you would be wise to do so as well.” — Phillip Presley
  • “I was astounded by Kate’s work. When I hired her, I thought my book was done and I only needed a final check, but she took my novel to the next level. The quality of her edits is right on point—she dissects every little detail that needs improvement or needs to be fleshed out without feeling nitpicky while also pointing out the things I did right. She helped me make my writing shine in parts I didn’t even know could be improved, making my manuscript much stronger. She's very professional and polite; I cannot recommend her enough. Kate is a fantastic editor and I definitely want to hire her again.” — Marília G. Barbosa

I also completed an editorial internship with editor Stacy Juba (who you may have seen in the Writers' Cafe before!). Here's what she had to say:

“I've known Kate for several years and watched her grow as a writer and editor. During her internship with me, she worked on several client manuscripts and did an excellent job of finding flaws, both big and small. She has an ear for rhythm and flow. Kate has a knack for presenting her feedback in a clear and detailed way, educating the author as well as brainstorming solutions. She is also skilled with line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. In fact, she proofread the written lessons for one of my online courses and caught some small errors I'd missed! Writers whose manuscripts she worked on were very pleased with her feedback. She is dependable and will work hard on any manuscript she takes on.”
— Stacy Juba, Editor and Founder of Shortcuts for Writers


I am currently building my freelance editing portfolio and am providing low editing rates for a limited time. I primarily edit fiction—specifically fantasy, contemporary, and YA genres—but feel free to reach out with whatever project you have. I’m happy to take a look.

If you are interested in booking with me, please email or contact me via my website with your NAME - GENRE - MANUSCRIPT LENGTH in the subject line. Include a summary of your story in the email's body as well as what service you are interested in. I also offer partial edits at the listed word count rates!

Let's make your story a great one. I look forward to hearing from you!
[email protected]
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