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Edward - new novel by Mike Voyce

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My name is Mike Voyce.

I had never regarded myself as an author (or Kindle user) however; persistent inspiration forced me not only to write but also to publish. As you do this, and very much once you’ve done it and try to market your book, truths of the modern world impress themselves on you.
One of these truths is the rise of the e-book. All credit to Smashwords (I’m there too) and others but, for me, Kindle is where it started. I’ve blogged on the e-book revolution, but here, I guess, I would be preaching to the converted.
New authors may be best advised to self-publish, especially if you have a complex, non-genre book such as mine. Unless you have a known name you probably need to do your own publicity anyway. So the flexibility of e-books and the internet is vital.
As to my book: it’s called Edward, it’s about regression to past-lives and the last Plantagenet prince, it’s available as e-book and paper (with look inside) on Amazon and it has a website – Edward website
Edward paperback on Amazon
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Welcome to the KB and the best of luck to you and "Edward"
Great to meet you, Mike!  Welcome to the Kindle boards and good luck with your book!
Hello, Mike, and welcome aboard.  Wishing you every success with your writing.

Dan --
Good luck and welcome
Hi, I'm new to this also. My name is John Tarttelin or SOULADREAM. For two years I've been posting my stories and articles on Scribd but unfortunately non-Americans are not allowed to sell on that site. So Kindle is great news! :) I have always been fascinated by new technology but I'm also a real old-fashioned book lover too. Both spread the written word equally well. However, nothing before allowed new authors to enter the fray the way Kindle does. The author-agent-publisher route into print is incredibly hard for non-celebrities and unknowns. So once again, three cheers for Kindle. I have just begun my SUMMER SALE on my Amazon Page which includes my recent writing and other stories written in the past. I love delving into all genres and see no need for artificial barriers between them. So on my page you will find academic HISTORY, ROMANCE, SCI-FI, FANTASY & HORROR. I enjoy writing in every genre. I am pleased to offer most of my work for $1-39 or £0-86 or around a Euro. I would be very pleased to receive any comments or reviews.
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