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Elders of Arath: The Prophecy

In a world where mortals have limited knowledge of the true extent that magic plays in their daily lives, the Elders of Arath reign supreme.Twenty men, who, for all intents and purposes, are gods, yield control over the world's magic supply. At least, they think they retain control until the magic supply begins to backlash and they cannot restrain it. Now, an ancient prophecy may hold the key to saving the world from an influx of magic that the Elders cannot rein in. The gatekeeper and soulsoother may well be their last hope.
The Gatekeeper/ Guardian
Logan Kayne knew that allowing the Elders to bind Zoey Roan to him without her knowledge of the true depth of it was irresponsible. It couldn't have been helped; no one says no to the Elders. Ten months later, it is all Logan can do to keep his blood oath and not inform her of his true feelings. When Zoey's life is threatened by sinister powers, Logan is forced to make a decision that will drastically alter their lives. Even though he has vowed to protect Zoey with his dying breath, is he actually more of a danger to her than a guardian?
The Soulsoother
Since the age of three, Zoey Roane has had over twenty gatekeepers bound to her as guardians to keep her safe from the sinister powers drawn to soulsoothers; their job is to deflect the sinister powers from dragging her and other soulsoothers to other realms to drain their lifeforce of their magic. As a soulsoother, she was born to aid lost souls to their reward, but along with that comes the darker side, snapping back like a rubberband sometimes in reponse to the good she does. Never has a guardian evoked such intense feelings in her. Logan is different, special, although she can't figure out why. But when the dark forces constantly hovering on the fringe of her life suddenly become urgent, Zoey finds herself faced with feelings for Logan that she's not sure how to explain- even to herself. Logan returns from a meeting with the Elders to inform her of their impending mutual fate in an ancient prophecy and Zoey's world turns on its axis. She now must face the most daunting task of her life. Will it be with or without Logan by her side?

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