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Elfhunter RPG ~ This is so cool!

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Hey there! The creator of two-hour war games has a request, and I though you guys might like to help!

The first set of mini-figures (28mm) has been commissioned for the Alterra module of Warrior Heroes: Legends. We get to have twelve figures to play the game with!! So...which twelve figures would you like to have done first?

We can have six "good guys" and six "bad guys", including maybe a couple of "creatures".

The one choice NOT up for debate is Gorgon. (Ed just loves the idea of him, y'know?) So...six good and five bad...what's your idea of the perfect initial game set?
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Five of the six "good" figurines are pretty obvious...  Gaelen, Nelwyn, Orogond, Galador, Fima - and possibly Lady Ordath
For the "bad" guys - definitely an Olca, possibly a Troll, Wrothgar...  not sure about the rest.  Will have to wait on suggestions from some of Archer's other readers..
Not sure how I missed this!  Sounds like fun tho!

Depending on the game scenario you could do a dragon (probably already has one that would work).  You'd have to have a Bodvari to stun with fear then kill with fire.  Mwaaaahaaaaa!  Could also have the Stone of Leir.
I'm thinking that artifacts like the Stone or Kotos' amulet could be a token rather than a figure, yes?
But I wonder about the intrepid band of adventurers--maybe two dwarves, two humans, and two Elves? (All characters except Gorgon are generic--I would have made him a token, too, as nobody will ever actually "play" him, but the game designer WANTS that figure!)

Ulcas always travel in groups, so I was thinking three of them, a troll, and maybe a "bad" human warrior? Or maybe throw in two humans to go with the other two--the players can decide which ones are "bad".

Ulfar are tokens in the waterway.
??? :D
I think they should just get it out and see what happens.  I think the real ideas will come after playing through a few rounds.  I do agree with your initial setup tho.

Any timeframe for release?
We hope to have it out before GenCon and ComicCon in August. Probably not ready for Origins in May.  :)
Archer said:
We hope to have it out before GenCon and ComicCon in August. Probably not ready for Origins in May. :)
Hey, Archer...anything ever come of this? I know the Gorgon figure was created (I have one prominently displayed), but never saw more when I was watching it on the figure maker's site. I still think it's a good idea! :D
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