Have you fallen in love with the Stacy Justice witchy mystery series yet? This fourth book - which works as a standalone - follows Stacy's journey to Ireland-and to a mysterious, magical world. But can the reluctant witch complete her quest in time to save her mother-and the whole planet?

Emerald Isle (A Stacy Justice Mystery), by Barbra Annino

"This is the fourth book in the Stacy Justice series by Barbara Annino. I enjoyed the plot line with its laugh-out-loud humor and nods to Harry Potter. I appreciated seeing Stacy grow more comfortable in her own skin and in her powers as a witch." -- Amazon reviewer
Stacy Justice may be a witch, but she still wants a nice, normal twenty-ninth birthday. Unfortunately, Stacy rarely gets normal. As her grandmother, Birdie, plans a birthday ritual for Stacy, disastrous news derails the celebration: the magic cauldron that supplies the world's food has disappeared. And the last time it vanished, Ireland fell under the Great Famine.

A secret society known as The Council decrees that if Stacy finds the cauldron, she'll receive the coveted role of Seeker of Justice, and her mother will finally be freed from prison in Ireland. But the grandson of nasty council member Tallulah challenges Stacy for the role. If he finds the cauldron first, Stacy will never see her mother again. And if they both fail, the world will suffer an unimaginable fate.

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Barbra Annino is a Chicago native who now lives in Galena, Illinois with her husband and three Great Danes. She's worked as a bartender, a humor columnist and a freelance writer as well as a bed and breakfast proprietor.

She has just completed EMERALD ISLE, the fourth book in the best-selling Stacy Justice series and is currently involved in several projects including an urban fantasy series.

To find her on the web, please visit:
[email protected]

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