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Drifting through the vast emptiness of my heart
I imagine if the void needed a spark
But I am choking inside your vicinity
Breath is fading towards extremity
We cease to exist onboard together
You pushed me out of your astroleague forever
Lurking behind the shadows
death and survival
I project towards my empty rival
You my love and void are one verse on a mural
Your affectionate indifference make me survive
The time I was out of your space ship at midnight
Emptiness kissed my lips like our first valentine
I found you in the empty dark mine
A spark finally did occur in this cold cruel indifference
My job is to repair the spaceship under knowledge's guidance
I turn around at the sea of vain
Filled with blood of stars and dark stain
To travel towards the terrain
For endless trials in my brain

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You definitely have a talent :) This is a very passionate and very real work, so, thanks for giving us something good to read today.
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