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nikkarina said:
Things haven't been going so well as far as writing and publishing is concerned. So, I am starting this thread in the hopes of hearing a little encouragement, not just myself but for everyone. Everyone could use a few kind words every now and then, right? So, why keep writing? Why keep publishing? Maybe you can tell me what helps keeps your spirits up. And moments that you thought you'd never write again.
Think you've just had a hard day. Happens. For my first book, it was blasted into little itty bitty pieces. My characters were flat, my action scenes were boring, everything was awful (save the plot...everyone loved the plot for some reason). Life keeps going. You get better as things go on but for the love of everything, LISTEN. These people know stuff. They've done it for years. Most of them have more experience with books than years I've been alive. Check your pride at the door when you come in here. They will rip you apart but it's only to build you up better. They have the technology. Well, we actually have the technology but you get what I'm saying.

Go look up some stock images of hot shirtless guys. You know - for potential covers for that erotica you said you'd write if things ever got bad enough but secretly you know you won't write it but it never hurts to dream. I have a few crushes that when things go bad, I go visit them. :)
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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