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Lovely. Yet another "contest" designed to separate authors from their money.

$75 entry fee, for one catagory. Additional fees to enter books in additional catagories.

Now look at the actual prizes. For "fiction" and "non-fiction" there are three prizes ($1500, $750, and $500 respectively). But for all of the sub-catagories (which, remember, you are paying $50 a pop to enter) the prize is $100. And then they list hem...finalists. So you pay $75 to enter the first catagory plus $50 to enter a sub-catagory for a chance to win...$100. Now I am NOT good at math, but something is wrong there.

The whole thing spells like those scam contests or the National Library of Poetry use to run, complete with the "gala" awards banquet that you have to pay to attend. The only difference was that the National Library of Poetry didn't have an entry fee. Oh, look, you can ever order awards stickers for $15 a roll. Of course, what good awards stickers are for EBOOKS and POD titles is beyond me. And you don't even get a certificate if you are a have to BUY IT for $20.

As an aside, Bowker did NOT say over 2 million titles were "self-published." I've read those report. By non-traditional, they mean not first printings. That number includes reprints and public domain works by professional book packagers, small presses and university presses that use POD, and niche publishers in industry specific fields. The biggest volume is coming out of outfits like BiblioBazaar (which is a huge book repackager nobody has probably even heard of but produced over a quarter million titles in 2009). That number is a deliberate misrepresentation of what Bowker said. And there is also a world of different between QUANTITY OF TITLES and QUANTITY OF SALES. I know people who have self published over twenty books...and sold maybe twice that many.

Sorry for the hijack, but these sort of organizations tick me off. They feed on the need for indies to be "recognized" and the desire to have awards. But their awards have no value and are essentially just money grabs. I've actually been invited to judge for a couple of these organizations in the past, so I have seen how they operate. You have one or two judges for an entire catagory, and they send you boxes of books that need to be judged in a one or two month time period. They are award factories. They are not judging the work of their peers. They are getting as many people as possible involved to get more reading fees and promote themselves.
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