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Okay, I don't write epics.  Even an epic blog post is probably out of my range.  However, I felt like addressing the topic because I just finished this book:

THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin.

It's a whopper.  I'm not even sure total page count, but I think it's somewhere around 800.

And here's the best part:  It's Book 1 of a trilogy.

First off, did I like the book?  Hell, yeah.  It was cool.  Reminded me a lot of THE STAND by Stephen King - one of my all-time favorite books.

The first part of the book was kick-ass.  It read like a great crime/action novel.  Secret government weapon development.  A young girl's life at stake.  FBI agents.  Gun battles, car chases.

The second part of the book, though, fast forwarded 100 years to a post-apocalyptic community called The Colony where the majority of the story was told via young people.  Kind of teenagers, and a Hunger Games type of story.  I wasn't crazy about the shift, but that's mostly because the first section was right in my sweet spot.  Crime, action, guns.

So overall I dug the book.  But mostly I was blown away by the epic vision.  Kudos to Mr. Cronin.  I mean, really, it takes a special mind to conceive and execute a gigantic epic like this.  I know it's been done, and more will do it, but it's really an impressive feat to me.

How about you?  As readers and writers?  How do you feel about epic storytelling?
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