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ePub problem: paragraph indents show in Sigil but not in Adobe Digital Edition

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In creating an ePub version of "Jo Joe," Sigil shows everything just fine, including Tabs for each paragraph. However, when I view the file in Adobe Digital Editions, Tabs are missing throughout the book. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sally
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I found the problem. Apparently, Sigil's code had changed the text-indent in the CSS to 3.3rem instead of 3.3em. In other words, a single letter in all the code was messing up the paragraph indents. Adobe Digital Editions is now displaying paragraph indents correctly.
SallyWGrotta said:
Has anyone had this problem with Adobe Digital Editions?
As a general rule if this is happening, ADE is not correctly reading your CSS.

I use the following to deal with indents:

p.initial {
text-indent: 0;

p {
text-indent: 1em;
margin: 0 0 0.3em 0;

The first line of each chapter/scene is slapped with the "initial" class and the rest are simply paragraphs.

You can fiddle with the indent as you see fit. Set it to pixels, more or less, whatever.
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Thanks, Matthew. I found the problem, as I mentioned above. For some reason, the code had changed "em" to "rem." Sigil still read the file correctly, but Digital Editions didn't. After I removed the "r", everything read properly.
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