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I am just creating my first kindle ebook, using writer2pub to create an epub format file.
Now I wonder wheter it is possible to choose a setup (font, page size etc.) so that if the user switches to the smalles font on his kindle, he will see the whole page without scrolling. Or does Kindle force , certain resolutions after converting?
My setup is: 12 x 17 cm, 12 dot character size for Standard text, which results in 351 pages (54.000 words).
If I select size 1 on my kindle previewer , I still only get 80% of the page displayed and the previewer counts 3059 "pages".
  • So can I get a settting that will display 100% text at the size 1 font?
  • How about the 3059 pages?

Any help is highly appreciated ???

EDIT: As for the 3059 "pages" I have learned, through the help file of the previewer, that this is the "location" within a text not the page. It is however unclear how this is related to the pages, if at all.
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