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I commented back about the eSlick article. I write this at midnight, highly caffinated (I'm telling you the Keurig is getting too convinent), and bored. Me being highly caffinated and bored has never resulted in anything good, but some really good stories.

I've had my kindle for two and a half months and LOVE it. My having a ereader has saved me a lot on gas. I'm a college student and I put everything from my notes, essays, studyguides, and stories on the my kindle. Having to carry my textbooks was hard and having an ereader is nothing in comparison to some of the books. Having an ereader has actually lightened my load and entertained me through my 2-4 hour waits between classes. Never have I had to email my documents to my kindle. I just hook up my kindle to my laptop and transfer files. I also listen to music on my kindle. It functions like a ipod shuffle and it randomly shuffle through songs. Also downloaded over a hundred books to it....most of them free. Mostly what I am considered about this new device is the number of books available and the prices that are going to be charged. I've gotten twenty plus books free from Amazon. I got the first two books of the Dune series for less than three bucks. bought another good book for a quarter. The only time I've paid 9.99 for a book was on the day of its release. Other books, I've gotten for 10-25% cheaper than their paperback versions. I love the wireless capability, because I can check movie times and the weather in a flash. Also downloaded classics from feedbooks directly from my kindle. The ability to download books in seconds without the need of a laptop is great.(amazon has 200,000 books available)

There are also converts available online for the kindle.

About the blogs and newpaper subscriptions: you are only paying for subscription, delivery is free. I've talked to people with newspaper sub. and they love it. I've tried a free trial. Its cheaper and it doesn't take up space. In less time it takes for them to brush their teeth, the paper is downloaded. Typically, one does pay to subscribe to a newspaper.

My questions:

-Is it going to be on display in stores like the Sony ereader?

-Is it going to make a debut at the CES in Las Vegas come january?

-What format are the files in? Do users have to use a converter to be able to transfer their files to their eslick?

The eslick would be best suited for:

-one who has a computer to access books

-depending on book prices: those willing to spend a couple of extra bucks on books.

Ended up adding this a couple of minutes later:

Another question:
Is there a highlighting, note, and bookmarking feature?

Kindle may have a higher initial cost but it also has so many more features than the other competitors, it's worth it.  The savings in books alone makes up for that in no time.

Like Vegas_Asian, I love being able to go on line and get the weather, movie times and other info I need without having to use a phone or my computer.

People are just being hard headed if they can't see just how good a Kindle really is.

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Foxit says it will ship an electronic digital book reader called eSlick as early as next month at an introductory price of $229, undercutting the price of the other two models on the market now: Amazon’s Kindle at $359 (out of stock, in case it’s on your Christmas list) and Sony’s Reader at $399.

The main difference: eSlick initially lacks wireless capability, so that all content has to be loaded onto the device’s 2GB SD card or its limited internal memory from a PC via a U.S.B. connection, rather than gathered out of the ether. But for those who, like me, use a reader for escaping into a novel rather than bumping up against the news of the day, the eSlick’s a no-brainer.

Foxit says it will make the first eSlicks in black, gray or white, with a form factor less than a half-inch thick, weighing in at less that seven ounces, and with a built-in MP3 player. The company says it’ll go for 8,000 page turns between charges with a U.S.B. plug or the included AC adapter. Look for more e-book entrants to emerge at next month’s Consumer Electronics Sho
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