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Eternal Unrest: A Novel of Mummy Terror by Lorne Dixon is now available, featuring an introduction by horror guru Nick Cato!

The Story:

Under intense aerial bombardment by the German Luftwaffe, the British government arranges for the most valuable exhibits in the British Museum to be shipped to the Smithsonian for safekeeping. Charged with shepherding the priceless artifacts across the ocean is archeologist Priscilla Stuyvesant. Leaving Great Britain on the Limpkin, an aging freight vessel, the ship is overrun by a gang of Nazi deserters loyal to a doctor exiled from Germany for conducting genetic experiments on his own people. But the desperate deserters aren't the worst terror on board: three of the exhibits from ancient Egypt return to life. In life, they were the Pharaoh's most skilled assassins. In death, they are something far more dangerous: undead warriors with mesmeric powers and a thirst for revenge that defies the centuries.

What People Are Saying:

"Intense, sharp, and gut-wrenching, Eternal Unrest sucks you in and holds you tight. I don't normally read war novels, but this one I couldn't resist. Dixon knows how to blend horror (mummies!), history, and humanity together to create a powerful merging of the three. Highly recommended!" - Elizabeth Massie, author of Sineater

"Buckle up, folks... On the heels of putting his stamp on werewolf (Snarl) and zombie (The Lifeless) lore, Dixon now gives us a memorable mummy tale that spans centuries and continents, provides Hollywood-sized action, and shows the author's aptitude to draw well-developed characters. Eternal Unrest is Dixon's most ambitious work yet." - Harrison Howe, author of R.I.P.

"No longer will the Mummy be an over-looked horror trope, I foresee many trying to emulate what Lorne Dixon has created here with Eternal Unrest." - Keith Gouveia, author of Animal Behavior

Book Trailer:

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Also by Lorne Dixon:

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