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Eureka & Warehouse 13 are back!!

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WOOHOOOO!!!!!!! Come on Monday! Final exam in the morning, and 2 great shows to celebrate with in the evening!!!
Oh and that new Alphas looks like it could be interesting.
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I am so excited to see Felicia Day on Eureka this season. ;D
Can't wait for them either

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Yay!  It's been a long, dry season without any new shows!
Glad you all posted this... I just finished watching all of Eureka over again having just caught it before in drips and drams in preparation for the new (or continuation of the last) season, but I had completely forgotten that Haven was coming back and I had no idea Warehouse 13 was at all.  I could have sworn it was cancelled.  Way too excited now... it's been pretty boring on the Tivo lately.
Finally!  Thanks for the reminder, or I totally would have spaced it.  ;D
White Collar and Burn Notice are back as well. . . . .

Also Royal Pains. . . . .

And Rizzoli and Isles coming soon. . . . .
I hope they drop the whole alternate time line thing on Eureka.....that was getting annoying
I love the summer shows--Burn Notice, White Collar, Leverage and hurray! Eureka and Warehouse 13!

Does anyone watch In Plain Sight? I can see that the actress is pregnant and they had to work it into the show, but I am worried that this could ruin the show, Mary is not the mothering type.
Chad Winters (#102) said:
I hope they drop the whole alternate time line thing on Eureka.....that was getting annoying
You had to remind me... on one hand, I'm glad in case they do keep it up. I think we'll have to suffer through the alternate time line for the rest of this season, if only to wrap up a few story arcs.
Warehouse 13 is yet another summer show for me ^^
True blood has already started, just like The secret life of the American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars ^^

But why do they all have to be at the start of the week? :/
Wow.. when I saw I was all OMG! Next Monday's Eureka looks awesome!!
New season has begun.  New agent = bad idea.  Just too large of a cast now I think.
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