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Ever wish magic was real? A Singular Gift-a young adult fantasy

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Jean Ryan is given a singular gift--the gift of magic. Jean finds out magic is all too real when her grandmother passes on a box with magical artifacts in it. Learning how to use the magic is fun, but scary.

A Singular Gift by Sue Santore is now available on Amazon for $2.99. The cover and title of this book has changed to more closely reflect the content of the book. Formerly known as Something Wicked.

Jean Ryan must learn to use her inherited magic gift before the opposing dark magic forces destroy her world. Jean and Wayne, her friend, work together to discover why her gift has attracted the attention of an evil circle of magic users and how to combat them.

As she learns to use her magic, Jean finds revenge bites backwards, friends are not always what they seem, and that magic is not a toy. In the end she has to stand alone against an evil worse than any she has ever imagined.
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Jean finds out magic is all too real when her grandmother passes on a box with magical artifacts in it. Learning how to use the magic is fun, but scary. If you like magical realism, you might like Something Wicked 2.99 in the Kindle store.
I am a YA fantasy fanatic. This looks right up my alley. Thanks. I'll put it on my wish list.
I do wish magic was real and your book sounds fantastic!  :D
Thanks Theresa,  for your kind comment.

I would like to announce that this book title and cover has changed. It is now called A Singular Gift, fitting the book better.  Jean's gift of magic is really what the story is about, not her being wicked.

I explain the reason more fully on my blog:

Thanks for looking.
Theresaragan said:
I do wish magic was real and your book sounds fantastic! :D
I wish the same! The cover is very nice, I really like it.
Please visit Ana Mardoll's blog and read her interview with me on Wednesday's blog post.

Thanks, Sharon! I like this cover better than the previous one.
A Singular Gift was written as a stand alone novel, BUT--now it has a sequel, A Singular Chance. A Singular Chance has the two main characters from A Singular Gift, Jean and Wayne, having furthers conflicts with dark magic users. Wayne plays a major role in A Singular Chance.

Deep in a Cave in Arkansas, Wayne Pierce finds two sources of magic. One is ancient and one is evil. The evil comes from their old enemy, the Dark Circle. They are still trying to find a way to bring a demon into our world to take control. To Wayne's horror, he finds the evil circle is using his own cousin and her unborn infant to further their agenda.

Wayne and his friend, Jean, must confront the source of the evil and break the spell. Just when they think they have succeeded, the Dark Circle captures them and they must fight for their own lives as well. He has a singular chance--that just might work--to save all their lives.

This clean, fast paced fantasy is suitable for ages 10 to adult.
If you like good, clean fantasy, check out A Singular Gift!
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