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Excellent Customer Service Report

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My mother has owned her K3 since Christmas, and she has used it so frequently to play games that the letters had rubbed of the keys.  :eek: She contacted Amazon today via email, and they are replacing her Kindle with a new one and sending her a shipping label to return the damaged one. You can't beat that for customer service. It's just another reason why Amazon is such a great company.

Thanks, Amazon! ;D
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That's terrific....if only other companies would realize how much excellent customer means to us customers!
I look at it this way. Amazon sees the Kindle as a device that lets you buy books from Amazon. So it's in their best interest to make sure you keep using it -- and that you keep buying books from Amazon! :)
My mom is thrilled. She should have her new Kindle Thursday, and now she can play her games AND see the keys!
Oh goodness that's cool. I never expected Amazon to give a new kindle just because of letters being rubbed off. Nice to see they care about the customers.
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